Grails return to their Black Tar series and its just as if they never left off. The 4th installment continues to experiment with the darker side of their sound. Gone are the cohesive transitions and eastern influenced string work and in their place is something more sinister, more insidious, more in line with the molten namesake the album bears. There is still a cinematic quality to the works on Volume IV but its a stark and lonely stretch of road that the band is soundtracking. Combined with bits of obscured tape collage the album lurks in a sense of dread and occult, taking a page out of Italian horror soundtracks poised on edge of tension. At any moment it seems that the score might peak and the blood might boil. But there's a forlorn beauty that balances this tension. The tracks are dark, sad and terse but they also sparkle with perfectly nuanced piano and subtle touches of guitar making this much more than a throwaway experiment between albums. It's a vital part of the Grails catalog and a welcome installment in their growing series.

[MP3] Grails - Up All Night

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Blogger J T. Ramsay said...

Love these guys so much. Glad to hear them refocusing after loosing the thread a bit with their past few releases.

11:03 AM  

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