Emeralds return (as if they ever really left) with a new album for the esteemed overseas imprint Editions Meego. Eschewing a bit of their longform analog soundscapes, they instead offer up some more concise excursions on the mysteriously named Does It Look Like I'm Here?. Still mining a pure analog/emotive sound that's a darkened swirl of synth pulsating atop delicate washes of guitar but this time the restraint makes each tiny piece a bit of its own journey. The group has always wavered between unsettling calm and the brink of anxiety and this album brings those very same vibes bubbling through your cerebellum in all their unnerving bliss. Sure its a bit more to spring for the import but the packaging (and what it contains) is well worth the effort and cash.

[MP3] Emeralds - Double Helix
[MP3] Emeralds - Shade

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