Dylan Ettinger

In short order Dylan Ettinger appears in these pages again. This time he's boasting a full length for Digitalis that further expands upon his loose take on the slippery reigns of deconstructed pop. Gently buoyed by a loose clip of beats and slowly evolving melodies that appear and disappear at whim, the album builds its four longform pieces out of scraps of echo and the debris of childhood days. Consciousness seems to slip in an out of view but with the way Ettinger strings the accompanying images together that seems to be the last of your worries as you float on a Dramamine cloud of digital construction. Nice to see Digitalis jumping in and heralding the new class of somnambulant noise artisans and Cutters is certainly an asset to their longstanding catalog of RSTB favorites.

[MP3] Dylan Ettinger - Ridin' Dirty

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to our Re-Discovered from the wild series? You better not be discontinuing it!!

11:53 AM  
Blogger BlueCaballo said...

DIG IT! Thanks

2:54 PM  

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