As we stand on the eve of the next HoZac singles club, the first finally draws to a close with the last installment hitting homes recently. The entries equal the quality of the rest of the series with great singles from Box Elders and Teeth

Box Elders – Tiny Sioux 7"
Typically jangly and delivered with just enough of a nod and a wink that you know its bonafide Box Elders. An inexplicable song that celebrates a tiny tribe member but no matter how perplexing the content the skitter of percussion and shuffle of guitar
make it all the more fun. The flip kicks the tempo but keeps things breezy as ever driving this single heavily towards the band's pop side of their catalog. Here's to hoping that next year's crop is just as much fun as this one was.

[MP3] Box Elders - Plenty of Room at the Bottom

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Teeth – A is for Asshole 7"
From the opening guitar line the Blank Dogs connection becomes immediately felt, its an 80's informed bass line that sticks to the darker side of the Factory catalog. The band is side project of the aforementioned Blank Dogs and Spider who have also
released singles on HoZac in the past. The A-side is dark but with a nice Brian Eno vocal that feels completely lost in time. The flip gets noisier, lost in a sea of voices on the chorus but still burning down the same dark alleyways that the A-side touches on. An interesting first entry and I'd be intrigued to see what might come out of further collaboration between these two deft fellows.

[MP3] Teeth - A is For Asshole

Support the artist. Buy it HERE(Sold Out)

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