The Alps

The Alps return to Type records for an expansive follow-up to their previous album III. The horizons stretch further as the band take the album title Le Voyage literally, winding between dewy touches of folk and scorched dry psychedelia with the deft hands of masters. Broken into sweeping sections by wistful interludes, the album feels sealed in a time of grander experimentation, a time when progressive impulses tied albums together into sprawling tapestries and ornate narratives. Though here the absence of vocals might seem like a hindrance to that narrative quality, in fact all the songs feel plucked from the same cinematic score. More than just a sum of their respective bands (Tarentel, ARP, Troll) the band continues to eke out a corner of the musical landscape for themselves and scratch the name Alps further and further into the weathered pavement.

[MP3] The Alps - Crossing The Sands
[MP3] The Alps - Drop In

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Anonymous Yair Yona said...

Good to have you back, I needed that.
Drop In sounds like a rare british folk tune from early Michael Chapman or something like that.

3:32 PM  

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