Woven Bones

It seems like an insurmountable age has been leading up to this post. Very few bands in recent memory have elicited such excitement from this camp or such a wait for a proper full length. With each new 7" or 12" of heatsick, scorched rock that emanated from the Texan underbrush we were caught, tied by headphones to our turntable and just riding the groove, waiting for more. The time is soon, May in fact, but In And Out and Back Again has graced our ears in digital form and its definitely a treat worth waiting for. The band is always at its best when riding the aforementioned thick, arid tide of tar-melted rock that threatens the very instruments they play with infection. The rhythms pound like hearbeat in your ears, chocked close to your throat and always attempting to run from the acrid smoke laid down by those guitars. The singles may have left a daunting challenge to follow but after quite a few listens, its easy to see that the album has leaped up to the task. It'll be worth the wait to hear this on vinyl as the format can only add to the heavy brew of analog smolder.

Plus don't forget that Woven Bones have a new (non-album) track on our recently posted compilation, RSTB Presents Vol. 2: Download it Here.

[MP3] Woven Bones - If It Feels Alright

Support the artist. Buy it: HERE
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