Wounded Lion

So Wounded Lion finally emerge from the 7" circuit to release their first album on In The Red. If you missed those early singles though, not to worry they've brought a few old friends with them. Quite a few of the past singles show up on their S/T debut but they mesh them nicely in amongst the new entries, so much so that if you were unaware they'd appeared before you'll more than likely stay that way. The band's still keeping the chug simple and that's precisely what they've always done right. It works because they never get bogged down in elaboration, rolling from a one note grind to a three note stutter and all with the utter simplicity that made post-punk move your feet and punk turn your brain loose. Wounded Lion know there's a time and a place to get cerebral and there's a time and a place to ride the groove, make the lyrics part of the wave and just knock the drums 'til sweat makes it impossible to hold on. There are hooks in there but lets not get caught up in them, there are sentiments expressed too but let's not over think them. Sometimes that's exactly what you need. Most nights, that's exactly what you're looking for.

[MP3] Wounded Lion - Carol Cloud
[MP3] Wounded Lion - Creatures in the Cave

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Blogger Sister Midnight said...

weird. i just found your blog and we seem to like all the same music. Monty from Wounded Lion is my friend. Weird.

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