Various Artists - Pomegranates
In the past few years plenty has been uncovered from the fertile regions of Middle Eastern psych, funk and rock. From the Turkish psych of Sela and Erkin Koray to Iranian garage nuggets on Raks Raks Raks. Now Finders Keepers,
the constantly vigilante diggers of underground gold, have taken it upon themselves to further explore the Persian pop, funk and soul scene of the 60's and 70's on Pomegranates. Definitely as diverse, as if a lost radio were found picking up the best Persian station from these years but certainly discerning in its picks, keeping the quality consistently high across the release. Though the pop tracks are good examples of their form, its really the funk and soul that seem to shine through here with artists like Mohammad Nouri and Parva instantly jumping out with their over the top stabs at the form. As usual B-Music/Finders Keepers crew use their enviable resources to rope up a whole host of tracks we could never have found simply skimming the bins.

[MP3] Mohammad Nouri - Soul Raga
[MP3] Noosh Afarin - Gol-e Aftab Gardoon

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