This weeks singles are all about the ladies, wait that sounds creep. All about the girls, nope that sounds condescending. Anyway its femme fatale time and even though the male gender shares stage time in The Babies, the female voice shines through on their single from Wild World. Plus a great entry to the Trouble in Mind catalog from the windy city's Hollows

The Babies – All Things Come To Pass 7"
Though it appears there are shared vocal duties in this Williamsburg super combo of a band, this single seems to keep the highlight on Cassie Ramone. Sounding a bit more breezy here than with the Vivs, the
A-side saunters and strums its way through sunshine melodies and shamble down afternoons. The B-side somehow takes things to a more sedate place than that (didn't seem possible did it?). Mostly instrumental "Caroline" reigns in the sun in ways that Jeresey's finest, Real Estate have been able to of late. Then the whole thing wraps in a repeated refrain of "Hey Caroline" that melts in the shimmering heat. Paired with a single on Make a Mess, this acts as a nice intro to the band.

[MP3] The Babies - All Things Come to Pass

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Hollows – "Bobby Blueheart" b/w "Walkway" 7"
Chicago's Hollows bring the 60's girl group nostalgia in a big way. The A-side "Bobby Blueheart" may as well strap up the saddle shoes and practice the swim because its steeped deep in the past charm and
saccharine sweet harmonies. The flip gives the sound an update with a pumping organ that swirls in a seasick swirl underscored by a driving force that makes those harmonies seem not so innocuous as they had before. This is where the band really shines and I definitely hope to hear some more tracks along these lines. In stock sleeve on the venerable Trouble in Mind label.

[MP3] Hollows - Walkaway

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