Sun Araw

Cameron Stallones returns yet again to permeate the collective consciousness with the heavy vibes and humid tones we've come to count on in our times of need. On Patrol seems to follow a narrative of undercover cops and noir suspense; but whether its 1984 or 2084 on the streets of Sun Araw's cityscape, its impossible to tell. Perhaps Stallones has become a modern day Vangelis, conjuring a romanticized vision of the 80's futures that haunted the likes of Blade Runner; but with deep, rumbling, bubbling psych taking the place of tense analog synth visions. Then again, perhaps the narrative doesn't exist at all and is simply the result of a sweaty psychosis seeping into the corners of our mind directed by suggestive titling and inflamed by the dub plate chemistry of Stallones' transportational songwriting. No matter how it weaves its way through your mind, On Patrol will soon become a welcomed summer necessity, its overpowering ease casting the best blows against the oppression of sun and heat.

If you need some more Sun Araw action, don't forget to check out his new track on our RSTB Presnts: Vol. 2 compilation.

[MP3] Sun Araw - Deep Cover

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Check out the video for "Deep Cover" below:

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