Some things have come to be a certainty here at RSTB and one of those things is that anytime a new single from the venerable Ty Segall shows up its always - 1. Necessary and 2. Exceptional. Glad to see some rules never change around here.

Ty Segall – Caesar 7"
Segall's ability to twist garage and pop together in ever mutable ways is always impressive. On "Caesar" he opens the door he cracked on his recent collaboration with Mikal Cronin even wider; adding pop piano on top of insistent strums and a thunder of
bass. The result is further from the off the rails garage bombast he began with than ever before, yet still perfectly reminiscent of the best of Segall's songwriting traits. The song sticks like putty to the folds of your brain. The b-side is a Simply Saucer cover that's bent and twisted until it fit's Ty's style completely, instantly memorable and laying the fuzz back on thick as ever. The rock sneer returns to bite back the hands that opened expecting a yield to pop. Everything about this one makes us eager to hear Melted when it lands in May.

[MP3] Ty Segall - Caesar

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haven't been too into this guy's stuff to this point, but digging this

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