Naked on the Vague

Siltbreeze and Naked on the Vague team up again to fill the world with shaky vibes and darkened pop permeations on their second full length, Heaps of Nothing. The Australians still ravage the post-punk landscape but reach for a bit more clarity than poked through the first time around. Said clarity may stem from the addition of a proper rhythm section, filling out the duo from their debut to a full four members for this release. However a gathering of players has done nothing to lighten the disposition of Lucy and Matthew's songwriting; steamrolling ears with a delightfully dour mix of bleak imagery, militant rhythms and distortion spirals. If coming years do signal the catastrophic downfall of society then no band is better poised to soundtrack the impending wave of destruction and chaos than Naked on the Vague, as apocalypse seems to come as second nature to the band. If you're looking for some carefree summer jams look elsewhere but if you're looking to reach down to your own dark corners and celebrate them, NOTV have you more than covered.

[MP3] Naked on the Vague - These Days
[MP3] Naked on the Vague - Treading Water

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