Mugstar immediately earned points in our book for organizing a Hawkwind tribute that drew together some RSTB faves like Mudhoney, Bardo Pond and Acid Mothers Temple. They earned another several by releasing it across three 7"s in limited edition. So once we were hooked we went back and have been visiting their previous album ever since, hungry for more from the British heavyweights. Well the wait for more is over as they unleash Sun, Broken... on the venerable Important Records. Heavy as lead but driven to a repetitive extreme so that it becomes an impenetrable Krautrock hammer; much like Neu on a week long binge of testosterone. Then again its not without its spacey moments, kneeling smartly at the edge of the Hawkwind temple they've so often visited before. In heavy instrumentalism its easy to get lost in noodling or grandiose soundtracking but Mugstar keep things locked to the best intentions of their prog/psych forefathers and never stray into banal territory. Few bands are doing this formula justice, but Mugstar are definitely one of the best.

[MP3] Mugstar - Ouroboros

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Blogger jeff said...

as usual a fine, fine collection of tunes these past couple of weeks. not even getting sick of saying it either.
hafta tick "rayon beach" as my standout, although "simple saucer" needs to be known by all. thanks!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

Love Mugstar, even had the pleasure of almost supporting them with a prior band, but our drummer fell ill. Good to see they're finally got the recognition they deserve!

7:16 PM  

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