Magic Lantern

Its been a good month for RSTB faves around here; first Sun Araw and Woods land in our headphones and now the long-awaited resurrection of Magic Lantern has found its way through the stylus, thundering out of the speakers with the full force of the San Andreas. As classic as High Beams and the early works are in our hearts, Platoon has come along and torn down the castle only to rebuild it higher and more fortified. Carved from the very rock of the California coastline, the album traverses the legacy of West Coast psych from the roots of Blue Cheer on down to the spiritual incantations of the mesa. Its scientifically formulated to be the both harder and more lysergic than most bands could ever begin to hope for. As members have built up their individual projects, their corresponding strengths have folded into the Lantern; taking the ambient hum of Giacchi's Super Minerals and the humid pulse of Stallones' Sun Araw and fortifying the gravelly impact of the band's already devastating psych. It almost goes without saying that this is one of our favorites of the year so far, falling keenly into the necessary category.

Don't forget to also pick up the companion psych/funk 7" Showstoppers when you grab this.

[MP3] Magic Lantern - Dark Cicadas

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