It's been way too long since the last jukebox, so here's another installment for all you garage junkies out there. As usual its full of gritty guitar, sweet harmonies and a touch of psych.

[MP3] Mark Bolan - The Third Degree
A shot of beat rock from Mark Bolan. Following a name change (one of many) an infusion of hippie folk wisdom eventually permeated his first few albums as Tyrannosaurus Rex, but its all rock here. A quick shuffle and a nice crunch of guitars move this single along but it proved to be a bit typical of the times and hence the shift to spiritual hippiedom.

[MP3] The Monocles - I Can't Win
Sneering and shuffling through a downtrodden burn of terrible consequences The Monocles keep things strictly situated on the garage floor. A sick burst of guitar starts the rumble and doesn't let up til the last moments ring out.

[MP3] The Others - I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye
Running out of the gates with a serious twang and driving chug of rhythm, The Others are a perfect storm of garage fury and youthful rebellion. A typical tale of love gone wrong give a nice shot in the arm.

[MP3] The Majority - One Third
The Majority bring the pop-psych with a dose harmonies that recall The Mamas and The Papas (well at least the male half) at atop a driving force of cinder burnt guitars and chugging strums. A sweet and sour track that comes out sounding great every time.

[MP3] Shel Naylor - One Fine Day
Again with the bittersweet harmonies, must be something in the air this time 'round. Naylor uses that bittersweet charm to drive this track atop a slight surf wobble and a thumping crash of drums. Definitely not your average bit of teens in the garage, as this is built on more thought out blocks. Add in some pretty lofty guitar solos and that's not a bad little package.

[MP3] Blue Stars - I Can Take It
Might as well end on another blast of garage and the Blue Stars have got the moves down. Propelled by a fat stab of bass and just a touch of strapped together guitar, this is a bare-bones bit of the snotty style and pretty much just the kind of thing that keeps the jukebox going strong.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! Dude, this is the stuff! You really ought to post more of this stuff, it's awesome!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Nice selection. Some long time faves here.

4:15 PM  

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