Ever vigilant, HoZac digs up the best and brightest as far as they may fall from their Chicago base. Picking up a gem in Portland's Burning Yellows, they add just a bit more haze to their usually gritty stable.

Burning Yellows – Urinal Cakes b/w Drought 7"
The A-side kicks in fast with a metronomic beat and a gauzy wash of static and guitar whirl. As if acid has eaten away the top layer of a shoegaze classic, the Yellows led by the ethereal vocals of Kyja swoon
their way throughout the whole track. On the flip things get a bit more clear-eyed but don't necessarily loose that gazey touch. The consistent thump is replaced by a shamble of drums and a web of echoed strums to great effect. A pretty strong first single and necessary entry to the HoZac catalog.

[MP3] Burning Yellows - Urinal Cakes

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Bitchin' Bajas/Moon Duo – Split 7"
Record Store day talks a lot of talk but honestly there weren't a whole lot of exclusive releases that had us running out to rub elbows with the sweaty masses on Saturday. One of the true exceptions was this split between Bitchin' Bajas and RSTB
faves Moon Duo. Both bands put in some excellent moments of pure psych bliss. Bitchin' Bajas do their best Hawkwind stance and amp up the space flight patterns for a side that feels instantly classic. Flip the disc and Moon Duo crank along on a turbulent mix of clicks and spun glass guitar over an ominous wash of synth. With all the money floating out of labels who'd have figured the grand prize would land squarely on Permanent Records' shoulders for the day?

[MP3] Bitchin' Bajas - Fresh Hair

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Blogger Unknown said...

Bitchin' Bajas...that must be one of the best band names I've ever heard.

12:46 PM  
Blogger blau blau green said...

Both sides are quite fantastic !

12:21 AM  

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