Dead Luke

We've been following Dead Luke since a couple of intriguing singles popped up in a batch of Sacred Bones releases a few years back. Those two 7"s struck a chord, winding their way down the lo-fi garage/psych territory that was simultaneously raw and sickly gritty. He's followed up on this template with a recent Night People tape in the same vein; so naturally we could only expect similar results when Luke sent us his upcoming debut LP for Florida's Dying but the truth of what lay in American Haircut was much better than we could have ever anticipated. Blowing his sonic palette wide open, the album is a psychedelic odyssey that leaves Luke's voice obscured behind a mesh of distortion but weaves clean driven guitars both electric and acoustic, backwards fluttering effects and sitar and synth strewn passageways into a cosmic tapestry that's far and above anything he's created to this point. American Haircut is the drone-blues record of the year, grinding Midwestern boredom into a fine powder and shooting it straight into the heart of the sleeping giant with catastrophic results. Thankfully these gauzy trails have been laid down on the think grooves of vinyl, relishing in an analog heaven of meditative bliss and raw, unfettered emotion. Look for Florida's Dying to have the album up soon and pick this one up quick.

[MP3] Dead Luke - Luke is Not Dead
[MP3] Dead Luke - The Best Drug I've Ever Done

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