Brilliant Colors continue their mining of Kiwi Pop traditions and ramshackle recording styles. In short, everything we love about the best 7" singles that fly into our life only to be flipped again and again.

Brilliant Colors – Never Mine 7"
The A-side of this Slumberland single is so sugary sweet and bouncy it could smack a smile on the most ardent sourpuss. Chugging along on strums that incite hip movement and a popcorn rattle of drums that brings to mind words like spritely. The flip
starts with a blast of distortion that sounds like Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees are about to break through and begin their usual aural assault, only to break into another furious strum of pop hooks and grinning, syrupy pop frolics from the women of Brilliant Colors. It seems that sometimes the band gets lost in the sea of newfound girl groups which is a genuine shame because their patchwork pop is some of the most endearing of the bunch.

[MP3] Brilliant Colors - Never Mine

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Blogger hotdoorknobs said...

i like bad singing and everything, but this is still a bit *cringe* at parts.

11:52 AM  

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