Beach Fossils

This album completes our trifecta of perfect summer albums (along with Woods and the tragically undersung Hanoi Janes album), wafting in on fumes of lackadaisical youth and bored summer memories stitched together by odd jobs. With our interest peaked by their recent Insound Studio Session the stakes were high but the full album more than meets those raised expectations. Stripped to the bare essentials the drums pop and fizz like the far off sea and the twin guitar leads could shoo away the most stubborn clouds. Just as their peers in Real Estate, Payseur and co. have a knack for wrapping bored suburban pallor in a veneer of blissful disdain. They find the shimmer in the gutters and the beauty among clipped lawns then spin it all past like listeners like the slow motion blur of greens and yellows passing in front of a train window. The only flaw in the album seems to be that its over just as you've sunk into its warm glow; but then again clipping the needle back to the beginning solves that pretty quick.

Be sure to check them out live because the boys put on a pretty entertaining show, definitely a good counterpoint to the record. Upcoming dates HERE

[MP3] Beach Fossils - Youth
[MP3] Beach Fossils - Wide Awake

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