Zola Jesus

A few things have changed since we first encountered Zola Jesus around here. She's still a dark siren wrapped in the guise of shamanic chanteuse; however, the debris that fell over her early songs has been cleared away. The film that corroded her soaring voice on those early singles has been wiped clean and she's come into her own in striking clarity. The undercurrent that ripples through her songwriting is no less harrowing but seems to have become more epic in scope. Even more than on The Spoils, Stridulum seems to be the first true Zola recording, a full embrace of her power and potential as an artist. Naturally it remains a vibrant part of the Sacred Bones family and an essential fourth installment into their EP series. It seems we're no longer alone in our praise of Zola Jesus, and this is a very good thing.

[MP3] Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand

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