This new C20 from Terrors, the one man Baltimore bedroom entity who has shared tape space with Savage Young Taterbug and Infinite Body, is an exercise in quiet contemplation. The tracks hiss with a warmth that stains the windows wet from perspiration. Tying sauntering guitar to the subtle hum of analog drone and a voice that sighs under the quiet crush of emotion, Ceasless Fall traffics in the kind of songs etched without inhibition. In both form and execution, Terrors' songs seem to echo a long lost time, burned to tape and waiting to be found by a sole lucky listener browsing thrift store shelves, waiting to share his experience. Luckily this edition is such that more than one haphazard soul will be able to share that feeling. Bathetic has printed an edition of 50 that won't stick around too long.

[MP3] Terrors - Withdrawing

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