A straight bolt of garage from France from this Cheveau side project that leaves us begging for more.

Shake Shake Bolino – Don't Lose Your Friends 7"
Gritty French post-punk band Cheveau is often drenched in darkness and anxiety, but guitarist Etienne sheds his dark side and embraces loose, shaky garage as Shake Shake Bolino. Together with
drummer Marie Bolino, he stomps through two cuts that twang like they were straight out of the Memphis gutters and given a slight twist of accent under that pound and a half of distortion. The A-side's pure mixtape gold and shakes and stomps with the full force of a blown tube. The B-side actually picks up the pace and ravages strings in a non sequitur pony ode epic that blows out the blues in ways Cheveau never seemed capable of. Definitely a fun single and hopefully a preamble to an album.

[MP3] Shake Shake Bolino - Don't Lose Your Friends

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