Stone - OST
Biker Films are an especially revered division of the B-Movie Culture. One of the most celebrated is the Australian made Stone which precedes Mad Max in outsider glory. The film paralleled another classic of the time Psychomania which
incidentally straddles two B-Movie divisions in becoming both a biker film and a zombie flick at the same time. Stone on the other hand dives into the same outsider, counter-cultural psychsploitation affectations that have made Easy Rider, Head and Zabriski Point such cult favorites. The soundtrack melds a particular brand of heavy psych-funk with a much more experimental bent that drives this soundtrack much further into a concept album territory. Composer Billy Green brought in bits of Easter, Prog and Krautrock as inspiration for the film's expansive score. The result is not a typical or straightforward soundtrack, but instead feels like a journey itself outside of the movie's context. As usual Finder's Keepers has spared no detail in the accompanying liner notes and historical context. As the trailer says - "Stone is a trip". Experience it for yourself.

Check out the Stone original trailer HERE.

[MP3] Billy Green/Stone - Stone
[MP3] Billy Green/Stone - Gravediggers

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