Roll The Dice

A super limited release on the ever stunning Digitalis label, this record pairs film composer Malcolm Pardon with Fever Ray collaborator Peder Mannerfelt in an overt love for the analog synthesizer. Their S/T album brings to mind Onehotrix Point Never and Emeralds among other forerunners of the new psychedelic synthwave with its cascading waves of buzzing tones and eerie ambiance. Echoes of dub and creeping cinematic tones (courtesy of Pardon no doubt) round out the album to feel more than just an analog workout of arpeggiator sweeps. A dank, moldiness fills every corner of Roll The Dice's underground kingdom, feeling somehow both earthen and futuristic in a Vangelis/Harold Faltermeyer sense of the term. These are scarce to almost non-existent but there are a few copies below.

[MP3] Roll The Dice - The New Black
[MP3] Roll The Dice - Guadeloupe

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Blogger Brad Rose said...

thanks for the write-up... in case anyone is worried about missing out, a CD edition will be out next month (also on Digitalis) and easy to find.

1:08 PM  

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