Psychic Reality / L.A. Vampires

Two kindred California drone spirits hookup for a vinyl collab on Not Not Fun and create, well, just the kind of record we've come to expect from NNF. Purveying dub baked in the desert sun and run through the dustiest of tubes both women scratch deep into the kind of blurry, swampy done psych that the label has become known for, immediately putting both artists on our "to watch" list in the process. L.A. Vampires hit the humid dub impulses and slowed tape sequences square on target, mixed with some beaten and battered percussion, the only thing that could impress us more than the sound is the label's promise of future collaborations with Zola Jesus and Sun Araw! On the flip Psychic Reality's Leyna Noel spreads out slower and a bit more ethereal than her cohort, drying some of the dampness laid down by the L.A. Vampires. She becomes more enamored in noise and wraps it around herself like a thick, dark cloak; resulting in a breathing, wheezing vocal sound that floats on top of disembodied synths and disjointed beats. Both sides are equally entrancing and together they form one of the most cohesive splits we've come across in ages.

[MP3] L.A. Vampires - What is Woman? Magnetic
[MP3] Psychic Reality - Elle/Elle Beat

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