Somehow, though they've amassed a huge catalog that would be enviable amongst even the most prolific contenders, every time Pocahaunted unleash another record on the world we're always a bit rapt with attention. The records themselves have always been a poor substitute for the live show, but it seems that with Make It Real the band have finally made the studio environment work for them. This may be in large part due to the fact that the lineup for this recording includes heavy input from Cameron Stallones; he of Sun Araw, and no stranger to using the studio as an instrument. Stallones had been playing live with the band for the months preceding the album as well as on the previous album, Passage, and these songs bear the full mark of his fluid and absorbing guitar style. Its a pity that this will be his last record with the band but we'll all sleep a bit more lucid knowing that this album exists to soundtrack the swampy pre-dawn moments of our most confusing dreams.

[MP3] Pocahaunted - All Of Is Of

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