On the eve of the release of their collaboration with the Bonnie Prince, The Cairo Gang release a 7" on Empty Cellar that bears a bit his influence or at the very least makes clear the reasons for the two artists to cross paths. Plus a new single from the good folks over at HoZac, taking another great slice of French garage pop. Not as scuzzy as that Shake Shake Bolino 7" that appeared here a few weeks ago, but just as fun.

The Cairo Gang – Holy Clover 7"
Sounding a bit more electrified and certainly more fleshed out, The Gang has shed some of their stark acoustic past in favor of widescreen, country-tinged rock that bears the mark of the Byrds tipping into their bleaker moments and naturally a touch of
their most famous of recent collaborators as well. The entire B-side delves into vocal harmonies that sway over the slow twang of guitar and the steady throb of drums; echoing characteristics that have become chief among the Prince's repertoire. This isn't to say that the band have lost themselves to the influence of others. Though the close-miked rawness has been tempered a bit, the sentiments and scope behind the newer recordings remain just as bracing. Emmett Kelly's voice is still the driving force of the band and on top of a richer palette it only enmeshes itself deeper into your heart. Pick this limited release up from the good folks at Empty Cellar.

[MP3] The Cairo Gang - Holy Clover

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The Liminanas – I'm Dead 7"
The A-Side's full of disaffected charm, pounding out the huge shake and jangle of 60's pop with a big sound ala our boy Phil Spector. The hint of French accent hanging on the English vocals only makes their morbid message all the more laced
with sugar sweet aloofness (can aloof be sweet? It is here). On the flip they take things back to their native tongue with "Migas 2000" - as close as you're gonna get to French talking blues - with a stomping riff and that cool charm over the top. Definitely peaked to hear more from these guys and it seems I won't have to wait long. Following up this 7" is another on Trouble in Mind and hopefully more on its way.

[MP3] The Liminanas - I'm Dead

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