Nice Face

RSTB singles fave Nice Face finally delivers a full length LP and it far exceeds our expectations for this fuzz laden one man project. Building off the sinister distortion and driving force of his 7"s on HoZac and Sacred Bones, the project has proven that there's still more life in redlined lo-fi and Nice Face is leading that lifeline. From slow crawl motorik beat laden creepers to explosive fuzz punk, Nice Face has covered a lot of ground on Immer Etwas and that's exactly what keeps it from getting ground down too far into the sound rut that can sometimes plague the new lo-fi. The addition of seasick keys and spiraling guitar effects ward off too much fuzzcake and lift the album to classic status. Packaged in usual Sacred Bones longplayer styled sleeve but for those of you into the digital side, the CD and digi versions come with bonus tracks that wrap up some of the early singles.

[MP3] Nice Face - I Want Your Damage
[MP3] Nice Face - Nobody's Dead Here

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