Ngozi Family - 45,000 Volts
Much like the Witch album we reviewed a few weeks back, Ngozi Family were a part of the lifeblood of the Zambian "Zamrock" sound. In fact probably more than any other, Ngozi Family exemplified the styles that would come to fall under that
banner over time. The fuzzy leads, the heavy rhythms, the flashed of Hendrix and Sabbath filtered through an Afrobeat lens; they all made up the various pieces of 45,000 Volts. The Ngozi Family were also the backing band for another favorite of the Zamrock scene Chrissy Zebby Tembo who's My Ancestors was also recently reissued. Here, however they stand solid in their own right, ripping through heavy fuzz that sounds as if it was captured live in the studio. The songs gun the gamut down British psych influences but end up something entirely their own and an essential piece of 70's hard rock. Thankfully No Smoke has reissued this lost classic!

[MP3] Ngozi Family - Nizaka Panga Ngozi
[MP3] Ngozi Family - Night of Fear

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This album rocks with severe intensity.

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