More and more the new dark pop resurgence shows up on our radar and though the field is getting crowded, The Soft Moon hurtles to the front.

The Soft Moon – Breathe the Fire/Phantoms 7"
The sinister whispers of "Breathe the Fire" echo a long line of lush, dark pop bands that sprouted out of the tail end of 80's post punk and shoegaze. The Soft Moon pick up the very best elements of those
movements and craft a sound that's not unlike anything we've heard before but rather a welcome scent that brings memories flooding back like old friends. The flip side continues with drawn shades and streaked rain, a world of grey skies that only mirror the desolation of city streets. This is only the first taste and from tidbits up on the band's myspace there's more great work on the way. Also we're total suckers for the band's well crafted visual aesthetic which we display in more detail in the Features Section.

[MP3] The Soft Moon - Breathe the Fire

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nice... putting on some Damon Edge now .... :-)

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