Hanoi Janes

German music has been a lot of things over the years, usually leading ground in the experimental, psychedelic and rehashed American actor varieties but a wellspring of indie pop it has not been. That is until the (mostly) one man project of Hanoi Janes began building a Spector Wall of Sound up in Brian Wilson's sandbox; throw in some swagger and a smile and the classic blocks are set for building. Year of Panic tumbles from one catchy hook to the next while picking up enough glockenspiel debris, sunshine strums and background croons to smack a smile on the most ardent sourpuss. Deftly answering the mandate laid down by his earlier Captured Tracks 7", you'd be hard pressed to find a slow spot or speck of filler on the soon to be released full length. Jumping to the top of our pop list this year and rarely leaving this sanctity of our headphones it's one of the most fun releases you're likely to hear all year.

[MP3] Hanoi Janes - Beach Kids
[MP3] Hanoi Janes - Surfin' KMC

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