Bill Fay - Time of the Last Persecution British songwriter Bill Fay's second album was coldly received by reviewers and listeners alike at the time of its release. Focusing his stark lyrical sense on social consciousness issues as refracted through an exposition
of the book of revelations; Fay proved too complicated a figure for most to absorb themselves in even at a time of rapid social change and introspection. The album is much more rock oriented than his previous efforts thanks in large part to guitarist Ray Russell who lends an evocative hand to the album. Fay's songwriting began to ebb after the release of this album but it has built up a much more substantial cult following in the years since its release, finally giving him some of the praise he deserved. By no means an album full of singles but definitely a welcome companion to rainy days and dark times.

[MP3] Bill Fay - Release is in the Eye
[MP3] Bill Fay - Time of the Last Persecution

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not bad! Why is it that "eclectic" artists continue to dabble in bizarre genres when their best work is always in rock? David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music. This guy is no exception.

Keep this stuff coming man!

11:37 AM  

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