Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Galactic Zoo Dossier
It takes quite a feat to follow an album that proclaims "I am the god of hellfire!", but Arthur Brown did it as only he could, by going deeper and more experimental than his leftfield hit ever had. Though much
of his fame sprang from the band's electric and insane live performances, much of that ecstatic mania is caught on tape for Galactic Zoo Dossier which began to embrace the emerging prog rock impulses that sprang up around the time of its release in '72. Sythesizers take off like spacecraft and guitars cut jagged edges in time while Brown orchestrates the whole affair from on high like a shaman of his own making. The album would prove to be too obscure for even those who were able to wrap their heads around his debut but it's definitely not without its devoted band of followers, chief among them being Plastic Crimewave Sound's Steve Krakow who named his always intriguing psychedelic zine after the album. Recent reissues have included a wealth of bonus tracks but unfortunately little information about them. Still a great piece of the psychedelic puzzle.

[MP3] Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Internal Messenger
[MP3] Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Space Plucks

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