Yellow Swans

Yellow Swans have always been a force of nature, rippling with the deterioration of earth, of mind and of the gods themselves. They echo the primal. They mirror the industrial. They are the sound of breaking restraint and of final submission. To label Yellow Swans merely noise is to miss the point of what's happening in their dense canon of soundscapes. They are the fallout and the flashpoint. They've felt your foreboding, your ambivalence, your hatred and your acceptance. They've churned these elements into the primordial soup of sound that rises up your spine like the first and last inkling of panic. Once it grips you, you're too late, so you might as well lay back and let the lava wash over you. They are the sound of entropy and of rebirth. Going Places is reportedly the duo's last statement, a period on a career that's already said so much. Although I feel like I've heard that sentiment before. Isn't it always Yellow Swans' last album? If this is indeed the final blow, its a heavy exit from a bleak world of their own making.

[MP3] Yellow Swans - Limited Space

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