Voice of the Seven Thunders

Rick Tomlinson returns to the frayed edges of psychedelia, this time amending his moniker to Voice of the Seven Thunders; and with the name change comes a corresponding emphasis on the guitar in its ragged, electrified state. The often pervasive emphasis on fingerpicking is not forgotten here, but rather downplayed a bit on this album which seems to step into the eastern psychedelic shadow that Tomlinson began building on his S/T (Voice of the Seven Woods) LP on Finders Keepers. Drenched with the sound of guitars pushed to the point of ignition, the album wrangles through a canon of instrumental psychedelia that pulls as much at Fahey as it does Erkin Koray and weaves them into a hypnotic and visceral experience that seems to look forward as much as it pines for a past decade. Tomlinson hasn't exactly been absent from world following the last proper VVIIW album, releasing an acoustic album under his own name along the way, but as Voice of the Seven Thunders he makes a defiant statement of purpose and presence that can't be ignored.

[MP3] Voice of the Seven Thunders - Out of the Smoke
[MP3] Voice of the Seven Thunders - The Burning Mountain

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Brilliant as always with Seven Woods.

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