Still getting caught up on the glut of singles that continue to storm the desk at Raven HQ (its sooo much less impressive than that sounds) and now onto a nice batch from HoZac. As usual the highest quality garage and punk around.

Myelin Sheaths – Do the Mental Twist 7"
Canada exports a serious fuzz nugget in the form of Myelin Sheaths. The band bangs, pops and buzzes through three rabid garage punk tunes that leave very little room for air let alone contemplation. It's all over in a flash
of light and a flail of arms. The A-side packs the biggest melodic punch but, tumbling over drums and guitars without every tripping up the buried gem of a pop melody. The b-side's no less fun with a decidedly post-punk guitar lean on "Drugstore Pharmacy" and a stampeding finish in the form of "I Don't Wanna Have an Operation"

[MP3] Myelin Sheaths - Do The Mental Twist

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Mickey – She's So Crazy 7"
Mickey take the HoZac family's rough edges and glam them up a bit, hitting some sweet 70's strides and pulling some major platform moves on those
guitars. The A-Side's got a bit of glitter in it, but still plenty of latter day sneer chalked up on top of all the
sheen. The band slows pace and lowers the temperature for a simmering number on the flip that has just the right mix of guitar twang and sweet back up vocals. Not as sweaty and intense as the Sheath's entry but a pretty good piece of the HoZac family.

[MP3] Mickey - She's So Crazy

Support the artist. Buy it HERE

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Blogger Hayley Em said...

SO glad you posted about the Myelin Sheaths! I'm from Calgary and they are by far one of the best bands making music here right now. Great choice!
Here's another local band you'd dig, if you haven't come across them already:

Love the blog!

2:16 PM  

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