Los Mac's - Kaleidoscope Men
Los Mac's third album, Kaleidoscope Men bears the mark of Sargent Pepper's quite clearly and often been regarded by collectors as the best psychedelic album to come out of Chile in the 60's. The band had to make due with a lack of equipment,
both live and in the studio, which makes this lush, orchestral recording and timely effects even more impressive in hindsight. There is not as much of a spark of the Lennon/McCartney songwriting genius but what they lack in catchiness they make up in grandeur and ambition. Though collectors have made this a well sought after and now rightfully reissued record, at the time it wasn't so well received in their native Chile. The band was panned in reviews, which ultimately lead to their expatriating to Italy, where they thought they might be better received. They weren't so lucky and some members returned to Chile later while Willie Morales, the groups main songwriter stayed on to pursue a solo career. Still this album, despite all its setbacks at the time, stands as a great album of the psychedelic generation.

[MP3] Los Mac's - Tensión Extrema
[MP3] Los Mac's - Dear Friend Bob

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