Infinite Body

In some ways it's easy to see why Infinite Body should end up on PPM, the label run by No Age's Dean Spunt. Much of the lush fuzz that Carve Out the Face of My God is soaked in sounds as if it could be the bed track for a No Age song, just aching to have a bit of atmospheric punk draped over the top of it. But Kyle Parker never comes near pop; rather he immerses himself into the gauzy foam of drone loops, feedback and the shimmering brightness of tone. Infinite Body seems to embrace its moniker as a mission statement, stretching endlessly towards ending the ties between surroundings and body. Parker only increases this effect in his live performance, toting a simple but effective lighting rig with him that increases in intensity as his drones reach higher volumes. I'm not sure what face exactly Parker is carving for his god, but I'm damn certain it shines in opalescent hues that would blind less resilient sculptors.

[MP3] Infinite Body - Beside Me in the Dawn
[MP3] Infinite Body - Carve Out the Face of My God

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Anonymous sean Orr said...

lurv this

11:35 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

so unreal and beautiful- I love it! thanks for sharing

9:32 PM  

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