I've long loved Brah, the bastard arm of the SC/Jagjag/Dead O multi-armed Midwestern behemoth from Bloomington and son of Oneida. They've again struck a chord at RSTB by following up Home's Sexteen with its natural sequel Seventeen. Southern Florida's Home has had a long and storied history, from tapes distributed via record counter to a seemingly improbable brush with major label action. They've put out sixteen previous scotch-taped albums and are now finally into their seventeenth and despite this long and winded history their cracked pop remains as engaging as ever. Seventeen was conceived as the band dug through their first eight albums and transferred them from musty tapes to digital, reportedly rediscovering their love for making music in the process. Well it's rather fortuitous that they have as Seventeen winds through layers of bombastic pop, careening like Guided By Voices without the liquor or maybe with more, its hard to tell. The disparate pieces and shards of Home shouldn't necessarily fit together but like puzzle pieces hammered together in fury and glee they make a picture that's probably better than the original sad-eyed puppy or Van Gough museum gift shop fodder could ever have been. If you haven't been hipped to Home now's the time. Grab this then dive into the box set that's just been unearthed. We promise you won't be disappointed.

[MP3] Home - Photographed With Ease

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