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Jersey's Home Blitz wrangle catchy garage-punk from the molten ball of fuzz they surround themselves in and the results will make you shake if not shimmy. Buried in a barrage of clang and fizzle are some truly great pop tunes kicking to get out and once they tumble flailing out of your speakers, its hard to stop setting the needle back to the beginning each time. Out of Phase despite being housed in 3rd grade school notebook drawings, packs a considerable punch, further proof that no good can come from judging records on appearance. No surprise that a lo-fi nugget like this should show up on Richie Records (former home of Kurt Vile among others). The band only strays from their killer formula a for a few interludes wrap in odd attempts at field recording and a blitz of harsh noise but aside from those few diversions its 100% fun the whole way through. Highly recommended that you pick up a copy.

[MP3] Home Blitz - Don't Talk To Me
[MP3] Home Blitz - Is Anybody There?

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Anonymous lafamos said...

their music varies

some of it is catchy and most if it is flat/uninteresting

3:25 PM  
Anonymous assjon said...

that photo is of some other band...

10:01 PM  

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