Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Four words we couldn't be happier to see reappear on RSTB. Eddy Current Suppression Ring strike back with another raw nerve of a record after their 2008 sleeper favorite Primary Colours. Sliding just this side of the '79/'80 punk divide and still simmering with their own brand of stained emotion that threatens to break through the skin at any moment; the record is everything we'd been anticipating. No pretensions, no lo-fi affectations, no mercy; just the kind of proto-punk stamp that befit the Verlaine era of rock, before classification landed it on essential lists of influences for rumpled teens everywhere. The songs on Rush to Relax course through the veins with the stark determination and pallid reality of a Mapplethorpe portrait. They hold the mirror and leave judgment to the hunched mass writhing in front of them. Livin' up to every expectation here and more and its highly recommended you pick up a copy.

[MP3] Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Anxiety
[MP3] Eddy Current Suppression Ring - I Can Be a Jerk

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Blogger Jamie said...

you recommended this band to me in 2008. i couldn' be more excited for their new release. i'm kind of obsessed.

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