Danny Paul Grody

Grody comes not only from one of my past favorites but from two greatly loved RSTB bands, having spent time in Tarentel and more recently in The Drift. The connection to The Drift was the first thing that caught my eye with this release, and though its much closer in structure to recent solo guitar outings that have cropped up across the American landscape the tone is as bittersweet and somber as anything in Grody's canon. The pieces don't ramble or bubble like Junghans or Bishop; rather they chime in a mournful but emotional way that sometimes recalls Chasney, occasionally hitting the burnt psychedelic connection. Everything about his Root Strata release conveys the faded detriment of age; from the album cover on down to the worn grip on the strings, moving slowly but in a way that seems contemplative or almost lost in reflection. It's a beautiful sadness though, caught with the last rays of the sun and the last sips of drink in hand, it can be a welcome journey back through the years.

[MP3] Danny Paul Grody - Dawn
[MP3] Danny Paul Grody - Well Wisher

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