City Center return with two tracks that sound nothing like their previous Type album, instead winding their way through distorted garage and heated ambiance.

City Center – Cops Don't Care 7"
City Center drew a lot of heat for comparisons to Panda Bear when their self-titled album came out but this single ought to dispel any rumblings that Fred Thomas is hooked on the same track as Noah Lenox. He dabbles here in a quake of fuzz that
crackles through the title track like a disease, eroding at the heart of his soft pop with no trace of the loops that bubbled on the album. The flip deals more in sweaty ambiance, throbbing and pulsating its way along drone cushioned corridors that seem to fit Thomas like a second home. The whole package is superbly wrapped in a cover by Hisham Bharoocha which makes it all the more enticing.

[MP3] City Center - Heat Isn't the Word

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