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The Art Museums' album lands and deftly lives up to the high hopes that we had coming into this one. Glenn Donaldson pairs his distinctive touch and guitar skills with Josh Alper's equally strident voice into a perfect amalgam of pastel 80's pop that doesn't quite hit the new wave buttons as square on the head as they've claimed in their sweetly smirking press runoffs; but still has us running to the record shelf to place those "me decade" tendencies in context. Those who've stayed true to the Raven will know that we've loved pretty much every shade of Donaldson's career and this latest turn bodes no different for us, bearing his mark neatly between the notes of every sun-fried bit of California ennui-pop. Summer's radiating off this slab in hot pink waves and though a nice reminder now of what we're missing out on the frigid East Coast, feelings are high that this will remain front and center on the stereo come June.

[MP3] Art Museums - Sculpture Gardens

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