All right, well the singles cup overflows this week as I've got so many great 7"s my hands are tired from flipping them over. A lot of solid contenders make their way into light this week and a few old favorites simply prove why they've gotten such well deserved praise around here in the past. Open those wallets and set the speed to 45.

Sonny and the Sunsets – The Hypnotist b/w Stranded 7"
Four new cuts from a voice we've become well acquainted with around here. Sonny Smith keeps it simple and sweet with acoustic tales that shuffle and saunter through the beach of your mind. Sonny is
confessional one minute and jokingly guarded the next. He's a true troubadour busking his days out on the boardwalk as therapy and doing a melodic soft-shoe for no one but himself. There's always an element to Sonny's music that makes listeners feel like an old friend has stepped into the room with a wry smile, change for one more beer and time to wrap the conversation in knots. In the words of better men, it's good to know that Sonny's out there taking it easy for all us sinners."

[MP3] Sonny and the Sunsets - Stranded

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (on blue/yellow vinyl if you act quick!)

Hanoi Janes – Across the Sea b/w Skeleton Girl 7"
Its mighty hard not to smile a touch when Hanoi Janes come caterwauling out of nearby speakers. The band's debut 7" for Captured Tracks tumbles like a fizzy ball of candy coated exuberance and sticks to the folds of
your brain in ways that are usually reserved for indie-pop royalty. The closest current bunch hitting these same buttons might be Magic Kids but the Janes have them beat in shear magnetism; tugging at all the right melodic elements and begging to explode with each note.

[MP3] Hanoi Janes - Across the Sea

Support the artist. Buy it HERE

Nothing People – Enemy With an Invitation b/w Reinstall 7"
Corrosive as ever, Nothing People continue their nervous trip down the halls once walked by their shamanic predecessors in Chrome. The band further explores the barren, acidic side of post-punk, lacing fumes
of putrid dissonance amongst their churning brew of insistent rhythm and buzzing guitar. The band now count Doug Pearson of Monoshock among their ranks and this addition seems to have changed the dynamic a bit, fleshing out their formerly barren sound a bit. The single is limited to 600 and beautifully stamped with gold foil lettering. A nice pieces indeed.

[MP3] Nothing People - Reinstall

Support the artist. Buy it HERE

Dignan Porch – On a Ride 7"
Another stunner from the ranks of Captured Tracks. The London group lay their strum laden pop in a bed of sunlight guaze; staring straight into the rays and leaking out in a blur of memories and faint glances. This single bodes well for their
upcoming Cap Tracks album, laying hopes that it too will rest easily in shimmering waves of the 90's shuffle-pop heyday and radiating the warm tenderness of summer on the air.

[MP3] Dignan Porch - On a Ride

Support the artist. Buy it HERE

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Anonymous tom said...

thank you so much for a heads up on the Sonny 7"...glad I was able to get a copy.

8:49 AM  
Blogger sweeetheartfever said...

i second, Tom.
that Sonny single is great.

niceee, andy!!!

(this is cassie)

12:31 PM  
Blogger ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ said...

that hanoi jane record is solid gold. just bought it for a million dollars at aquarius. sonny blows my mind out of my face. mondrian was written by his lady's dad. i guess he has a few more tunes as well. last i heard sonny was helping him to get them all recorded. mondrian is so good i want to hear all his stuff. also, looks like sonny has a new song on the secret seven comp out march 2nd. your blog is great. have a nice weekend.

10:32 AM  

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