White Hills

Cranking out their first official LP for Thrill Jockey, following a reissue of Head's On Fire a while back, White Hills continue their sojourn to the altar of Hawkwind and emerge as one of the most intriguing disciples of the space rock forefathers. Their self-titled effort wraps in an earlier track, "Dead" and begins the slow descent into molten atmosphere from there, slowly churning guitars heavy as the movement of tectonic plates all the while retaining a disembodied tether to the heavens. The band are, naturally, at their best when given enough time to wander and the longer tracks usually end up more fully formed, however they turn in two desperately creeping ambient slabs effectively turning transitory bits to icy forays into doom. This, along with Head's On Fire seem to be the band at their exploratory peak, fully formed and less fragmentary than they were in their infancy; and though Hawkwind might remain their starting point, the band seems to now have fulfilled that old command by Waters and co. to set the controls for the heart of the sun. Perhaps just an album or two away from that goal by the sounds of things.

[MP3] White Hills - Three Quarters Removed at label's request.
[MP3] White Hills - Dead

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