Viva l'American Death Ray Music

Locking into the new VLADRM album I thought to myself, man it feels like just a few weeks ago that Mexican Summer pumped out some quality jams from them. Then I double checked the calendar and realized it’s been something like 10 months since that last EP saw light. Well just in time then, Nicholas Ray and his band of misfits return with enough shuffled blues and heat warped garage twang to satisfy the ache in your belly. Ray has one of those uncanny abilities to scoop up a wide net of influences and then cut, paste and staple them into a composite that not only makes perfect sense but feels like it may have been the natural order all along. Live, the band is still as sharp as ever, as anyone who caught them at this past CMJ may well have witnessed. Here's to hoping that another album signifies some VLADRM road time.

[MP3] Viva l'American Death Ray Music - A Funny Story

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

where do all these great velvet underground outtakes keep coming from?

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