Some institutions we've come to respect around here based on reputation alone and Australia's Aarght! is most certainly a well-spring of talent and a sure bet for fun garage. Their latest single from the two-piece Super Wild Horses hits right on target.

Super Wild Horses – Six Song EP
Messy, scrappy and full of 6 fun tracks, this EP from Super Wild Horses introduces yet another great bit of Australia's garage underground to us uninformed residents abroad. Under a bed of tape hiss Amy and Haley foster a keen sense of harmony
and exuberant energy. Often times the band sounds like its banging out a thunder of drums inside a high school gymnasium, but that chaos and squelch seem to only endear them closer to us. This seems to be just a taste of what they might have in store and if "What Started The Noise" is any indication that could be explosive indeed. Keep an eye on the racks for more from Super Wild Horses in the near future.

[MP3] Super Wild Horses - What Started The Noise

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