Richard Skelton

Again Richard Skelton has proven that neo-classical works can unfold layer after layer of emotion while still holding onto higher concepts, non-traditional recording techniques and dissonance that reveals beauty. His latest album, Landings, released both on his own imprint Sustain-Release and on Type, is a masterful blend of location specific field recording and bowed instrumentation. The layers weave themselves into stark edifices of desperation, leaving very little room for sunlight in Skelton's world. The recording locations play just as important a part as the overlying music, with creaking barns, trickling rivers and wooded lots adding a spectral aura of time and loss to his recordings that seems inextricable from the emotions at play. This record takes several listens to even begin to unfold what Skelton has constructed and each listen takes you further and further down the dark hole of sadness he seems to occupy. Though honestly its the most beautiful descent

[MP3] Richard Skelton - Of the Last Generation
[MP3] Richard Skelton - Remaindered

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