The Quick - Mondo Deco
Radio Heartbeat pull another power pop classic from the clutches of obscurity and reissue it with the proper respect it deserves. Just as much a glitter rock classic as the Milk n' Cookies LP that Heartbeat rescued a while back, Mondo Deco
balances sugary delivery with an undeniable pop punch that can't help but lodge more than a few songs into your head. The originals are where the band shines, though they certainly put their own mark on covers of The Beatles and Bob Gaudio. At the time the band suffered the fate of sharing a label with The Runaways and became lost in the wake of their rapidly forming success. However, years later this album still stands as a lost classic of power pop that should be curled up in your collection along with Milk n' Cookies and Shoes.

[MP3] The Quick - Rag Doll
[MP3] The Quick - Hi Lo

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The Quick may never reunite but their original singer Marty Zucker is still active as "Marty Zucker & the Falcons". Check them out here:

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